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clay_satyr's Journal

21 June
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The Fictional Journal of clay_satyr.

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Clayton gets his dark colouring from his mother, who was decended from human Spanish royalty (although she holds no land nor title herself). He usually has some form of colouring in his hair. Unlike most satyrs, he tries to keep himself relatively smooth because that is what the modeling industry wants. Although not as ripped as he'd like, he does keep in shape, and is proud of his abs, and is often shirtless when he's in his room. When clothing is an issue, he dresses to the nines, often in his mother's latest designs. His shirts often have slits in them for some reason. He has slightly pointed ears that are usually hidden within the tangled mess of his dark hair. (Appearance 4, specialty = masculine)

Fey wise, he looks very similar from the waist up. The exceptions to this are his horns, and the beautiful wings that are growing out of his back. The wings look like they are made of green and red glass, but are very flexable. From the waist down, he is nice and fuzzy with soft brown fur that begs to be touched.

In either form, he looks confident in himself and his abilities (charisma 4, specialty = self-confident).